Universal Basic Income (Pro)

Switzerland recently overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative for a universal basic income. A basic income would have provided all adults in Switzerland with 2500 Swiss Francs per month regardless of income. Some, in the United States, are suggesting a similar program to overhaul all welfare programs. A universal income actually has significant intellectual roots among Libertarians. Milton Friedman proposed a negative income tax, but that would have applied only to Americans under a certain income level. A basic universal income would be an entitlement program for Americans of all economic classes and would be intended to replace all other anti poverty programs. Currently the United States spends about one trillion dollars on anti poverty programs at the federal and state level. Transforming the War on Poverty into one universal income would help slash the gigantic bureaucracy. Additionally, altering the War on Poverty could end the “welfare trap”. Frequently welfare programs can discourage people from working. A loss in benefits occurred by working may exceed the new income from their employer.