Trump’s Foreign Policy (Con)

Trump sometimes speaks out against the United States military empire, but his unpredictable nature makes his potential presidency dangerous. Trump lacks a clear philosophy and is an intellectual lightweight. He does not spend time reading anti war scholars or renowned Paleoconservatives. His statements on foreign policy brings back memories of Obama’s 2008 run of president. They both seemed somewhat anti war, but reading between the lines reveals a scarier narrative. Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has bombed almost twice as many counties as Bush and he escalated a drone program with a horrendous record. The public could have predicted Obama’s hawkish actions by paying attention to his view on Afghanistan in 2008. He always wanted the United States to be more involved in Afghanistan, but after 14 years the Taliban is stronger today than when the war started. Sadly, Trump could end up being another Obama. Trump wants a larger military budget and he wants to bomb the innocent family members of terrorist. Before the attack in Paris he wanted Putin to defeat ISIS, but now Trump wants the USA to defeat ISIS and take their oil. As Scott Horton said, “I dont know exactly how he imagines to just leave with the oil because that sounds more like staying forever to me”. While Trump may sound anti war sometimes, his unpredictable and rash nature could keep our military involved throughout the Middle East.