Johnson (Con)

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld represent the mushy middle, not true Libertarianism. Weld supported Obama, Romney, and Kasich. He did not even endorse the man at the top of his own ticket. On policy, Weld horrendously supported the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. Gary Johnson, in a slap to the face of all Libertarians, called Weld the “original Libertarian”. Will a man that demonstrates profound ignorance rekindle the flame of revolution? I think not. We need a candidate with a strong understanding of libertarian philosophy. The Non Aggression principle, a central tenet of Libertarianism, is too difficult for Johnson to comprehend. Gary Johnson is not running on a substantiate Libertarian ideas because he does not understand Libertarian ideology completely. We should be looking for the next Ron Paul not the next leader of the Koch Institute.