The Most Disturbed Man In Politics

Since the day Tom Cotton stepped into the Senate, he has pushed for war wherever possible. He has been described as, “the man that probably gets a boner when he hears Dick Cheney speaks”. He has demanded escalated military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Additionally, he wants to expand the drone program that has killed nearly 10 times more innocent civilians than terrorists. Cotton believes that, “bombing makes us safer“, even while our drone program has a horrific record. Frighteningly, senator Cotton has been described as “like a serial killer“. He claims “we should be proud of the way we’ve treated these savages at Guantanamo Bay”. Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are routinely tortured and sleep deprived. Not to mention, prisoners are frequently force-feed and are kept in solitary confinement without due process of law. No sane person, “would be proud” of the way we have treated prisoners. We will see many more deranged statements from Tom Cotton, as he is the youngest senator in the United States. Hopefully the public will reject his desire for war and adopts a policy of peace.




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