Why Trump Can Win

Trump’s ability to control what the media covers, is one of the biggest advantages a candidate could possibly have. He can constantly put Hillary on the defensive because the media covers almost every single word he speaks. Trump proved in the primaries that bravado and personality trump policy positions. “Little” Marco and “low energy” Jeb Bush were no match for Trump. Voters will not think of Clinton as a public servant, but as “crooked” Hillary. Clinton’s unlikable nature will make it impossible to shed her scandals and Trump will have three nation debates to drive the point home. Trump clearly starts from behind, but his polling numbers have steadily improved throughout the primary. Hillary’s support among the general electorate, has steadily decreased during her campaign. Voters dislike Hillary once they get to know her because she is a terrible politician. Most importantly, Trump has proved something this election cycle: campaign infrastructure, establishment support, and money from the elite are overrated. If these things could win a campaign, Jeb Bush would be the next president. Citizens do not vote based off of policy proposals, instead people vote from gut instinct. Likability, leadership, and passion have more influence election outcomes. Voters hate Hillary, so they will vote Trump.

One thought on “Why Trump Can Win”

  1. Love your blog. I agree with you on Trump 100%!! Stupid libtards keep talking up “crooked hillary” and trump is the only honest politician left in the race. Trump will make America great and clean again and all immigrants will get DEPORTED or GO TO JAIL! Trump isnt a racist, libs r the real rasicts who racebait with their victim complexs, whites will win like we always have!

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