The Media Lies On Gun Violence

Public outrage over gun violence has propelled the issue into the media spotlight. Pundits throughout the entire political spectrum are still missing the point. Mass shootings only make up a tiny percentage of homicides, but receive a disproportionate amount of media coverage. As a society, we are simply ignoring the bulk of gun homicides. The vast majority of homicide victims, are poor¬†black males, in the inner city. As Jamelle Bouie said,¬†“In general, when we talk about gun homicide in the United States, we are largely talking about violence between poor black males”. Enacting gun control legislation or increasing background checks will not effectively reduce the amount of homicides. Illegally purchased, or stolen guns, account for almost all homicides. Federal data shows that only about 11% of criminals attained a firearm at a “retail store, pawn shop, flea market or a gun show.” Gun control is not the answer, rather we need to get to the root of the problem. The inner city has been forgotten by the politicians and the media. We need to improve failing schools, promote economic activity, and end the mass incarceration of African Americans. It is a national disgrace that one in three black men will spend some time in prison, but the media only sparingly covers this epidemic. Arresting African Americans at an alarming rate only creates more obstacles for our society. Once we improve inner cities, gun violence will fall.





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