Trump’s Foreign Policy (Pro)

Trump has relentlessly taken on the Neocon establishment throughout his campaign. He rightly calls our current foreign policy a disaster and is unafraid to blame those at fault. Trump has slammed Hillary for supporting Iraq because that war has completely destabilized the Middle East. In a national debate, Trump forcefully attacked Bush for lying us into war. Pundits widely proclaimed that Trump ruined his chances in South Carolina by taking a stand against the Bush foreign policy. Additionally, Trump has questioned US involvement in NATO and has suggested removing troops from Germany, Japan, and South Korea. In 1999 he even took some issue with Bill Clinton’s bombing campaign in Kosovo. Someone that is not sold on Trump’s foreign policy should take notice of the Neocons hate for Trump. Max Boot even said “I would sooner vote for Stalin than I would vote for Trump. In my book, having the war hawks scared should count for something.

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