Self-Empowerment by the Philosophical Dissidents

Libertarians, by necessity, spend a lot of their time in the minutia of a given policy or idea.  The burden of proof is on us to demonstrate why things can exist without government interventions, because it is such a foreign concept to the average person.  This leads to a group of generally well-read supporters, which is great.  It also leads, at times however, to a group that’s constantly entrenched in confrontation regarding their views.  Cue Kokesh.

Adam Kokesh has been possibly the most prominent leader in driving home a very important point in the liberty movement; that you, as an individual, are a strong, capable, wonderful person.

Sure, taxation is theft and the wars in the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world are stupid and awful.  No, the government has no role in dictating the “rules” of marriage contracts or what you can or cannot put into your own body.  And you’re right when you assert that free markets are better for everyone.  

But these are generally contentious issues, and they require a great deal of time and debate to flesh out the various points for your opponent.  In the meantime, we can be making a YUGE impact on swaying them to our side through the way we carry ourselves and through empowering them as individuals.

This is something I’ve hardly mastered.  Progressives that would call a now-dead Castro a pioneer for social progress or conservatives that want to rule the world with an iron fist make it really difficult.

The bottom line, though, is the only way we can lift the bridle of government control of virtually every aspect of our lives is through a collective rebuke of the system as it stands.  The grand moment that we “heave-ho” DC off of our backs will only come when people are confident enough in themselves to fill the void that’s left.  

The poor need to hear that public accommodation laws aren’t helping them.  The young need to hear that they don’t need safe-spaces to withstand dissenting opinion. Progressives need to hear that a growing government will one day turn on them and conservatives need to hear that planting the seeds of democracy in the hole’s made by JDAMs doesn’t yield a thing.  

Each and every one of them is fully capable of carving out their own destiny with just the traits they have and acquire, and no government in the history of the world can prioritize and guarantee their success better than they themselves.

By John A. Dangelo III

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