Political Rant: Clinton’s Debate Strategy Will Help Trump

Disclaimer: All rants have minimal editing and a general disregard for flow

An interesting analogy can be made between the Wizard of Oz and the presidential candidates. The Tin Man without a heart represents Hillary Clinton and the Scarecrow without a brain represents Trump. The analogy isn’t perfect, but most of the media and much of the public believes it. Democrats might even admit she is corrupt and unpersonable, but they think she is knowledgeable and intelligent. Clinton has primarily chosen to attack Trump on his personality, instead of policy. She portrays Trump as a racist, sexist and a xenophobe. Clinton’s strategy has two main problems:

  • Her attacks are not viewed as credible by undecided voters
  • Trump is skilled at defending against personal attacks

Clinton is one of the most disliked politicians in the modern error. She lacks charisma and is not capable of connecting to voters. Not to mention, her favorability ratings are dreadful. Clinton frequently attacks Trump for his personality, but the attacks do not stick because no one likes Clinton. Voters do not view the Secretary as a credible judge of character. For example, the public would take notice if Martin Luther King Jr. called Trump a racist. MLK Jr. is well respected by the public and is respected for his moral beliefs.  If he was alive today and attack Trump’s personality that could have a powerful effect. Hillary does not have the same credibility, so personal attacks are a foolish strategy.

Additionally, Trump is best at fending off personal attacks. He successfully defended against person attacks throughout the whole Republican primary. Trump can counter punch and he can defend attacks using humor. He famously defused an attack from Megan Kelly in the first debate using humor. The video of this is below.

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