The Libertarian Case Against Trump

Before I start let me be clear, I’m not writing this to defend Gary Johnson in anyway. I am simply making the case as to why someone who holds liberty and freedom as primary values should not be able to support Donald trump in good conscious.  Believe it or not there is actually a decent amount of libertarians who are supporting trump this election cycle.  Now before I get to specific policies I want to examine trumps message as a whole and why libertarians would be betraying some of their core values in voting for him. Libertarians who support trump tend to rationalize their decision by pointing to, and picking out specific policy positions on which they agree with him, and he does in fact have a decent amount in common with the libertarian party. There are also many disagreements libertarians have with him (I’ll get to those later), but specific policy is not the biggest reason why you should vote for or against him (or anyone). The most important determinant in voting for someone as a libertarian should be whether or not they hold liberty and freedom as primary values, as fundamental virtues. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Donald Trump does not give any craps about those two virtues. Donald Trump DOES NOT care about liberty he cares about safety. Donald trump DOES NOT care about freedom he cares about security (a false sense of it at that). One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Ben Franklin and is: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” This quote perfectly represents both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You can talk about how Trump’s *current* policies may be more libertarian or may protect our liberties slightly more than Hillary’s, but that does not change the fact that he does not care about our liberty and in some aspects may be even more authoritarian than Hillary Clinton.

Now to those who agree with every single point I just presented, yet will still (reluctantly) vote for trump. This position is at least defendable and can be sympathized with, but I still urge you to make another choice. First I’d like to point out that we have no idea if he really would be better than Hillary considering he was a democrat like… yesterday. We don’t know because the policy positions he held yesterday are not the same as todays and will change again tomorrow. The most important reason why you can’t make this decision though is the authoritarian tendencies he has and could have when in office. If you vote for him you will in part will be responsible for some of the authoritarian things he might do while in office, because when you vote for someone, for an office with that kind of power, you put your name with their name, and whether you like it or not you are in some way attached to their horrible actions.

Now for the fun part, here are just some of the policies where Donald Trump is completely contradictory to libertarians on :

  • Protectionism

While Donald Trump has claimed before to be for free trade it has become evident that this is very, very untrue. His comments and specific policies on trade are as far left as they come, and I’m not talking about him not agreeing with the TPP or NAFTA. He has talked about putting tariffs on goods coming in from china and other countries to “punish” them and made various other comments that are staunchly protectionist and anti-free trade.

  • The Drug War

While supporting at least legalizing medical marijuana The Donald is still very in favor of the drug war. This is in direct contrast with libertarians, and the drug war has failed tremendously as we all know.


While he would lower some of the tax brackets and eliminate certain taxes the Donald will likely not greatly affect how much the government steals from you every april. He will continue a progressive income tax and not do anything about the IRS.

  • Spending

His budget and spending proposals make his tax plan look beautiful. Not only does he not propose spending cuts, he will increase spending in many ways. Trump does understand that one of the reasons for cutting taxes is so the government will have less of a budget to get involved in illegal wars with and create new agencies with. The federal government will be just as big and bureaucratic under a trump presidency as it would be under a Clinton presidency (probably not as evil but still).

  • The Patriot act and Edward Snowden

Trump is a strong supporter of the patriot act, which is a clear infringement on our 4th amendment rights. He supports the NSA’s right to spy on every single one of us day and night. He also think Edward snowden is a traitor for exposing this hideous crime and infringement on our natural born rights, and liberties.

I could list a lot more but you get the point. He is NOT a libertarian. He does NOT give a damn about freedom. He maybe better than Hillary but that does not mean you should put your vote or support behind someone who might. Literally. Be a fascist.

By Alexander McVeigh

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