How Privilege and Power Threatens Our Republic

James Comey, the director of the FBI, has been championed by the media for his impartial character. His refusal to recommend indictment for Hillary Clinton seems far from politically impartial, rather he appears to be entrenched in politics. Hillary claimed that she sent no classified emails, but that was a bald-faced lie. James Comey even said, “110 emails were determined to have classified information”. It appears we now have two standards for the law because some are held above the law. Elite politicians and bureaucrats are never prosecuted for violating laws, while the same privilege is not given to other Americans.

The Justice Department, under Obama’s control, seems systematically corrupt. Hillary Clinton is not the only high-profile offender that has escaped prosecution from the Justice Department. James Clapper committed perjury by lying under oath about the NSA program. He blatantly lied to the American public by claiming the NSA does not collect data on millions of people. Similarly, Lois Learner received a cushy retirement pension and was not criminally prosecuted by the Justice Department. Learner unlawfully targeted conservative political groups because she wanted to crack down on any political opposition to Obama.

Hillary, Learner and Clapper all should have been charged with crimes. All three deserve a prison sentence, but the historical precedent set by the Justice Department has a much greater importance. This begs the questions: will all high profile politicians in the future have practical immunity from prosecution? Hillary’s ability to abuse her power with success could influence other politicians to follow suit. In the future, more politicians might form foundations that take bribes from foreign country, if they know the law does not apply to them. All politicians that break the law should be prosecuted to protect the integrity of our Republic.

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