Progressives’ Claims of Bigotry Unreliable

By James Herrold from the

If you read or watch progressive-leftist pundits at all, you know they are not fans of Donald Trump. They exert some effort arguing the merits of Trump’s general policy positions, but progressives spend much of their time talking and writing about Trump’s demeanor, his character, or his personal life. They also take every opportunity they can to claim Trump is “hateful”. Sometimes they beat around the bush, or they might just come out and say it.

Progressives say he hates Mexicans, women, Muslims, etc. – and I don’t necessarily disagree. He’s definitely had distasteful things to say about many different groups of people. Unfortunately, the warnings about Trump’s true colors will be ignored – ignored because of progressives.

One of the reasons progressives constantly bring up Trump’s “hateful” rhetoric is so they can keep people on the fence about Trump from eventually moving to his side. It’s not to dissuade his supporters from continuing their support for him. They’re not going anywhere, and most of them don’t care, frankly, what progressives have to say about Trump. Progressives are hell-bent on preventing those potential voters in the middle who aren’t sure who they’re going to support in November from voting for Trump.

One of the most common ways they do that is to paint Trump as a hateful person. They may not use the word “hateful”, but they will use some term that make their opponents out to be hateful. The term could be “racist”, “bigot”, “homophobe”, “Islamophobe”, “anti-Semite”, “xenophobe”, “misogynist”, “sexist”, “fear-monger”, “privileged”, and on and on.

Calling your political opponent out as being some form of a bigot is not a new tactic for progressive. They have spent decades calling people they disagree with hateful. When a progressive has a policy difference with someone, the progressive will not exhaust himself using logic or evidence to make his argument. He may give one or two points here and there, but if those points are countered, the progressive will inevitably resort to calling his opponent “hateful”. Progressives use these terms to stifle their opponents when they know they can’t win an argument using evidence or logic.

If, for example, over the course of a discussion, a person makes a claim about poverty that the progressive doesn’t like, then the easy and common answer for the progressive is to say to his opponent “You hate the poor!” Whether the progressive’s opponent’s statement about poverty was hateful or not does not matter to the progressive. If he cannot offer a reasonable rebuttal (and usually the progressive cannot), then his first “out” is to call his fellow debater “hateful”.

If the discussion is about race and a comment is made that the progressive doesn’t like, the point isn’t rebutted with logic or statistics or another type of evidence – especially if the claim that was originally made gave evidence or used logic. The claim is simply dismissed by the progressive by telling their opponent to “check her privilege” or by calling her a racist whether a bigoted judgement had been made regarding race or not.

If a man makes a point about statistical differences (not an opinion, but a claim based on facts) in an argument regarding men and women in general, and the progressive does not like it, the progressive will not make a logical appeal or offer some other statistics as evidence to support an opposing claim. Instead, the man will be called a sexist or misogynist.

These tactics have been a way for the progressive to defeat his opponent without using logic or evidence to support his claims (often because there is no real evidence to support his claims or they are not logical). In the case of Donald Trump, we can see how this tactic has watered down what should be a very insidious charge. We all should make it a habit to call out people when their statements are bigoted – rooted in a prejudicial bias rather than in sound reasoning. But that’s not what progressives do.

With Trump, we have someone who could easily fit the bill of an ignorant bigot. But when progressives try to use that label, we see they have spent so long calling non-hateful people “hateful”, that when they try to attach that stigma to someone like Trump, it has lost all of its power because of its decades-long overuse and abuse.

Progressives have been like the boy crying wolf for a bit of deviant fun. They cry “bigotry”, not for deviant fun, but in an attempt to discredit opposing points of view. But just like the boy in the fable, when the wolf becomes a very real and present threat, his cries are ignored to the detriment of the flock due to earlier erroneous claims. Similarly, the progressive’s cries of bigotry are going unheeded. Fewer and fewer people trust them to tell the truth, so on the off chance they get something right, it is ignored. Ignored when it should be heeded the most. Progressives have made the term “bigot” so ubiquitous, it is simply ignored when utilized – even in the rare instances when they apply it fairly.

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