3 Ways Trump Would Be Like Obama

1. Trump Is A Liar

Obama ran as the hope and change candidate, but nothing about Washington changed. Simply put, Obama is a partisan hack and a typical politician. Trump would not fundamentally change Washington or make “America Great Again” No matter who the next president is, the Constitution will erode and the government will continue to grow. Trump does not “tell like it is” and he is actually the king of flip flopping. He has no back bone ideologically and is willing to change any position to get elected. Trump is a typical politician, not a leader.

2. Spending Will Increase

Trump claims he will cut the budget, but he not outlined any specific cuts. In fact, he has promised to increase spending in numerous areas. An estimated 380 billion to 620 billion will be added to the debt, if Trump follows through with his deportation plan. He has promised to spend hundreds of billions on rebuilding our military and nuclear weapons program. Additionally, he would spend more money on the Veterans Administration and he refuses to make any cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Just like Obama, spending would increase under a Trump presidency.

3. Foreign Policy

Obama ran as the “antiwar” candidate in the 2008 presidential election. The United States thought his intelligence and charisma would promote diplomacy instead of war. Sadly, Obama has doubled down on the failed neoconservative foreign policy of George Bush. In fact, Obama has bombed more countries than Bush and has expanded the drone assassination program. Intervening against secular dictators in Libya and Syria has allowed radical Sunni groups (ISIS) to grow in prominence. Trump has railed against the Iraq War, but he is inclined to show military force. It is easier for Trump to just say, “I will bomb the shit out of them”. Trump would not show restraint in the Middle East because he is politically incapable of selling diplomacy to the American public. Just like Obama, Trump would keep the US entrenched in conflict throughout the Middle East.

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