The Dangerous Candidate? It’s not Donald Trump

By Michael Beshara

With a plan to impractically build a wall on Mexico’s border with them paying for it, temporarily banning Muslim immigration, and a demeanor that doesn’t make for good first impressions, Donald Trump has been casted as a silly, sporadic, loose cannon by most mainstream media and average millennials that only read the headlines. While almost all of the spotlight has been placed on Trump, Hillary’s destructive foreign policy and countless scandals that could possibly include multiple assassinations has not received nearly enough attention in the mainstream media and can have ramifications far worse for America and humanity than anything Trump has presented us with so far.

Even with ignoring the email scandal and how FBI Director James Comey basically said that Hillary could have been indicted if she was literally anyone else (so much for being equal in the eyes of the law), the content of the emails on her private server tell us a lot more about what her behavior would be as Commander-in-Chief. The disastrous regime change project in Libya is played out in these emails, as well as the promotion of sectarian war in Syria for Israel’s benefit and using the internet in Syria to try and alter the hearts and minds of the people.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton has suggested the use of a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria, just like the one that resulted in the destruction of Libya, in order to protect Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in order to keep conflict in the country ongoing. The kicker with a Syria “No-Fly Zone”, is that the U.S. would have to shoot down Russian planes to enforce it, creating a World War 3 escalation.

Furthermore, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has indicated that he has emails that prove that Hillary Clinton funneled weapons and fighters from Libya to Syria via Turkey to groups that include Al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS. This is something that she denied knowing anything about when Rand Paul asked specifically about it in a Benghazi hearing (another scandal?).

Curiously, another scandal that receives the least attention but often gets poked at outside of mainstream media is the fact that so many people that are affiliated with Hillary and may have pertinent information about her role in previous scandals end up mysteriously dying. This is not to accuse her of murder before due process, but the fact there is so little spotlight or investigation by mainstream journalists on this issue is frightening, because it would likely damage her reputation beyond repair if CNN spent even a day discussing it.

Lastly, Clinton is so dangerous because she is the war candidate, an interventionist globalist who will go at lengths to achieve this goal and fatten her own wallets as well as those who have gotten her to the most important office in the world, no matter the human cost both foreign and American. The actions Hillary Clinton has already taken speak louder, is more dangerous, and practically dwarfs anything Trump has said so far. That wall doesn’t sound so horrible now, does it?

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