3 Ways Trump Would Be Like Obama

1. Trump Is A Liar

Obama ran as the hope and change candidate, but nothing about Washington changed. Simply put, Obama is a partisan hack and a typical politician. Trump would not fundamentally change Washington or make “America Great Again” No matter who the next president is, the Constitution will erode and the government will continue to grow. Trump does not “tell like it is” and he is actually the king of flip flopping. He has no back bone ideologically and is willing to change any position to get elected. Trump is a typical politician, not a leader.

2. Spending Will Increase

Trump claims he will cut the budget, but he not outlined any specific cuts. In fact, he has promised to increase spending in numerous areas. An estimated 380 billion to 620 billion will be added to the debt, if Trump follows through with his deportation plan. He has promised to spend hundreds of billions on rebuilding our military and nuclear weapons program. Additionally, he would spend more money on the Veterans Administration and he refuses to make any cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Just like Obama, spending would increase under a Trump presidency.

3. Foreign Policy

Obama ran as the “antiwar” candidate in the 2008 presidential election. The United States thought his intelligence and charisma would promote diplomacy instead of war. Sadly, Obama has doubled down on the failed neoconservative foreign policy of George Bush. In fact, Obama has bombed more countries than Bush and has expanded the drone assassination program. Intervening against secular dictators in Libya and Syria has allowed radical Sunni groups (ISIS) to grow in prominence. Trump has railed against the Iraq War, but he is inclined to show military force. It is easier for Trump to just say, “I will bomb the shit out of them”. Trump would not show restraint in the Middle East because he is politically incapable of selling diplomacy to the American public. Just like Obama, Trump would keep the US entrenched in conflict throughout the Middle East.

The Dangerous Candidate? It’s not Donald Trump

By Michael Beshara

With a plan to impractically build a wall on Mexico’s border with them paying for it, temporarily banning Muslim immigration, and a demeanor that doesn’t make for good first impressions, Donald Trump has been casted as a silly, sporadic, loose cannon by most mainstream media and average millennials that only read the headlines. While almost all of the spotlight has been placed on Trump, Hillary’s destructive foreign policy and countless scandals that could possibly include multiple assassinations has not received nearly enough attention in the mainstream media and can have ramifications far worse for America and humanity than anything Trump has presented us with so far.

Even with ignoring the email scandal and how FBI Director James Comey basically said that Hillary could have been indicted if she was literally anyone else (so much for being equal in the eyes of the law), the content of the emails on her private server tell us a lot more about what her behavior would be as Commander-in-Chief. The disastrous regime change project in Libya is played out in these emails, as well as the promotion of sectarian war in Syria for Israel’s benefit and using the internet in Syria to try and alter the hearts and minds of the people.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton has suggested the use of a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria, just like the one that resulted in the destruction of Libya, in order to protect Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in order to keep conflict in the country ongoing. The kicker with a Syria “No-Fly Zone”, is that the U.S. would have to shoot down Russian planes to enforce it, creating a World War 3 escalation.

Furthermore, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has indicated that he has emails that prove that Hillary Clinton funneled weapons and fighters from Libya to Syria via Turkey to groups that include Al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS. This is something that she denied knowing anything about when Rand Paul asked specifically about it in a Benghazi hearing (another scandal?).

Curiously, another scandal that receives the least attention but often gets poked at outside of mainstream media is the fact that so many people that are affiliated with Hillary and may have pertinent information about her role in previous scandals end up mysteriously dying. This is not to accuse her of murder before due process, but the fact there is so little spotlight or investigation by mainstream journalists on this issue is frightening, because it would likely damage her reputation beyond repair if CNN spent even a day discussing it.

Lastly, Clinton is so dangerous because she is the war candidate, an interventionist globalist who will go at lengths to achieve this goal and fatten her own wallets as well as those who have gotten her to the most important office in the world, no matter the human cost both foreign and American. The actions Hillary Clinton has already taken speak louder, is more dangerous, and practically dwarfs anything Trump has said so far. That wall doesn’t sound so horrible now, does it?

The Case for Gold

The Impact of The Federal Reserve, Central Banking, and the Absence of Gold Money, and its effects on the economy.

Since the Federal Reserve’s inception, it has had the honor of being the longest operating central bank in the united states history. The federal reserve, abolished the idea of the gold standard. It took the currency away from the minting abilities of congress, and deemed that all money issued by congress to no longer be backed by gold, but by whatever arbitrary number the fed chairman and board of directors decides based off interests rates. Which is the true value of money. How currency backed purely by gold had worked was, each dollar was representative of a single ounce of gold that the government physically existed. With the advent of the fed however, congress had no power to print money at its own discretion. It turned over all power to the federal reserve. The federal reserve was implicated like all central banks are to keep “stability over currency and the economy.” Which is nothing more than short term low interest rates that turn into bubbles. The Fed’s existence has ruined real money backed by gold. Without Gold backed dollars the value of dollar the value and purchasing power is determined by the interest rates that the federal reserve holds low, along with their process of printing money out of thin air (as its not backed by gold since Nixon, the fed can do this is an unlimited fashion.) When the fed prints money it increases the money supply and according to simple laws of supply and demand, the more physical dollars in existence the lower their value becomes, hence the massive inflation we’ve seen. Done believe it well just go play with this Inflation Calculator it shows that inflation is 2000% since 1913. So one dollar in 1913 would be ~$24.31. Which is a ludicrous inflation rate, which would not occur so severely in a gold backed dollar system. This isn’t to say inflation would occur, obviously it would as gold coins would either be added or removed from the economy, but inflation rates of 2000% would not occur. We can also see the problem with a fully fiat currency in the price of gold since 1971. Since 1971 to now the price of gold has gone up steadily year by year (with a few exceptions in the 80s and 90s) from $44.60 in 1971 to $1,060 in 2015. While steeply growing after the financial crash of 2008. Seeing this is a rising indicator people aren’t trustworthy of the worthless fiat money the government has been using. They want precious metals as a security net. Seeing how they have real nearly unchanging value. One ounce of gold is one ounce of gold that becomes very hard to inflate because gold cannot be printed off in unlimited quantities, unlike the paper dollar which can be printed out at will and cause the money supply to increase. While fiat currency can be argued to be flexible to save the economy from depressions, a major issue with a non gold backed currency is debt. When the federal reserve is not required to only print off only as many notes as to how much gold we have, they can print endlessly causing massive debt as the united states government has to borrow the money from the federal reserve. As the debt rises closer and closer to 20 trillion it is reaching unsustainable levels of worthless paper. On a pure gold standard we would not have massive debt because the federal government could only borrow as much in accordance to how much gold is possessed by the government. Another failing issue with how gold has been severely harmed is with many mainstream economists to believe that gold caused the great depression which simply isn’t the case as many world wide prolonged depressions had happened before the great depression and even after Roosevelt left the standard in 1933 the depression continued until after world war two. The depression was actually caused in an unstable inflation of money supply leading to an uneasy boom in the price of capital goods which once exhausted the bubble burst. The gold standard abandonment has done nothing more than give the united states an unstable monetary policy and caused massive inflation while letting The Fed take control over our lives and capital.

By Cade Buckley

Don’t Be Fooled By Bogus Jobs Recovery

The July Jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics this past Friday gave us a phony headline number of 255,000 new jobs for the month. Please do not be fooled. The government’s data is obviously skewed for President Obama to tout his truly atrocious recovery, and to prop up his preferred successor Hillary Clinton. Two straight months of oddly high jobs numbers (292,000 in June) will likely continue into the fall in order to catapult the Dems toward a third consecutive White House victory. Essentially, all the BLS gave us last Friday was BS, and trust me, there’s a lot more of it to come with a key election around the corner.   

There is overwhelming evidence to prove that the jobs numbers of the previous two months are skewed in favor of the “recovery” narrative. In May, the U.S. Economy added a very laughable 24,000 jobs. The Second Quarter GDP number was also recently released, showing a very anemic 1.2% economic growth for Quarter 2. The government also revised down the previous quarters to 0.8% growth for Quarter 1 of 2016 and just 0.9% for the 4th quarter of 2015. You average that up, and we have had 9 months of economic growth below 1%. Not only that, but President Obama, who’s falsely credited with saving us from depression much like FDR and the catastrophic New Deal, will go down as the only president in history to not reach 3% economic growth once, not once. Even his horrible predecessor managed to reach 3% growth for two or three years. Anyways, the feds urge us to only pay attention to the headline number of each jobs report. Even the markets only react to the main number released each month by the BLS. The rest of the data doesn’t matter they say. Well, when you dive in and analyze the rest of the data, you can see why they’re using the typical liberal rhetoric of “nothing to see here”. All is live and well in the American economy right? The American people are back to work and spending money. Obama saved us from the failing system with his $800 billion stimulus and keynesianism has pulled us out of the Great Recession. The oration above that you get from mainstream economists, liberal TV pundits, and the White House couldn’t be more far from the truth.

When you actually dig into the very superficial July nonfarm payroll numbers, you see a very different story than what Janet Yellen, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the media want you to see. The major net increases came in leisure and hospitality, which saw 45,000 new jobs, as well as 38,000 new government jobs (sigh), followed by 36,000 in education and healthcare,17,000 in temporary help services, and another 15,000 in retail trade. Now what do all of these lousy jobs have in common? They are all very low paying jobs and most are part time work. Leisure and hospitality are your part time waiters and bartenders, which aren’t very long lasting jobs that contribute to greater economic growth. These are the workers serving the rich and well connected who are doing quite well with all the corporatism, special favors, and easy monetary policy coming out of Washington. Perhaps the biggest facepalm in this report is the 38,000 new public sector jobs. It makes me sick looking at it, I mean literally the last thing this spiralling economy needs is more government jobs. Government workers are not going to produce anything. It’s plain and simple. They’re the reason we have such sluggish growth in the first place. More bureaucrats will only continue to stifle more private innovation, suppress competition in the marketplace, and add more burdensome rules and regulations. More public employees also means more disastrous public works projects that take centuries to finish and suck taxpayers dry. Of course, the rest of us get stuck with the bill because government owns nothing and functions by sticking its corrupt hands in your pockets. Therefore, a bigger payroll at both the state and federal level leaves less and less cash in the hands of who it truly belongs to, where it would be put to use in a much more beneficial way. Imagine if those millions of dollars were saved to start small businesses or invested in companies to purchase technology and machinery instead. Private capital investment and savings is how you get growth, not bureaucracy. Anyways, the bulk of the remaining jobs fall under education, healthcare, temporary services, and retail trade. None of these jobs pay high wages or contribute to the market at all. When you look at higher paying jobs that can actually support a family, contribute to productivity, and benefit consumers, you are given a lethargic 9,000 new manufacturing jobs, 1,700 in wholesale trade, and a net loss of 7,000 mining and logging jobs. This makes sense considering the Obama Administration’s devastating war on coal, but the outcome is throwing thousands of hardworking people into poverty or part time work that cannot provide enough for a family. Not to worry everyone, Miami will not be under water anymore! Give me a break…

Overall, the nonfarm payroll numbers only confirm the fact that our country just isn’t productive anymore. Consumer spending is entirely directed toward imported goods, not those that are produced here at home. Virtually all new employment in this country appears in sectors that aren’t goods producing industries. Think I’m wrong? Adding insult to injury in terms of the awful jobs report that just came out, we also recently got the numbers for 2nd quarter productivity. Professional analysts were looking for a 0.5% increase. Instead, productivity actually declined for a third straight quarter, this time by 0.5%. Here’s the catch… The last time the U.S. had nine consecutive months of declining productivity was in 1979. Must I remind you these were the dreadful Carter years, plagued by economic stagflation and a misery index that was through the roof. Yes, this was the last time we had a three quarter drop in productivity, and for some reason President Obama keeps on bragging about how stupendous his recovery is. When you have an economic situation this grim that it compares to the Carter era, you should probably keep your mouth shut Mr. President. Three appalling quarters of 1% economic growth and the worst productivity decline in almost 40 years show that we have arrived on the doorstep of the next recession, similar to the one that Carter left for Reagan. The problem is that most people are running up debt by borrowing to consume, instead of borrowing money to invest and produce. Stagnant wages and incomes have forced middle income households to resort to their little pieces of plastic in order to fulfill their basic necessities. Savings are at multi-year lows because, well, most middle income families have nothing to save, and there is practically no incentive to save with interest rates so low. They’re very preoccupied keeping up with the rising costs of living while seeing no real rise in income. As a result, we are seeing a middle class and an economy that is under a lot of stress, as millions continue to borrow and go deeper into debt to simply pay their bills.

Every time new economic data comes out, it looks more and more like the day of reckoning is almost here. This entire bubble economy cannot possibly last much longer with credit card, auto, and student loan debt peaking at all time highs. There is absolutely no way that the Fed can put us through three rounds of Quantitative Easing, keeping interest rates at zero, and creating all of this money out of thin air without some major consequences. Alan Greenspan inflated the housing bubble that spawned the 2008 crash by lowering interest rates to 1% for only a few months. Bernanke and Yellen have kept rates at or slightly above 0% for eight years now. All of that malinvestment and cheap money has propped up the stock markets to record highs. Many people are very optimistic about their retirement, but they have no clue what’s really ahead of them. This crash, unfortunately, looks like it will pan out to be a lot worse than the previous one. If the response to this contraction is even more monetary and fiscal stimulus, we’re only pouring more gasoline on the out of control wildfire. Pretty soon the folks up in Washington are going to run out of things to do. Hillary Clinton plans to spend another $1.5 trillion in new government programs, because we all know how well the Obama stimulus worked out for us. The Fed will once again hit the printing press with the false assumption that they’re creating wealth out of thin air. In fact, it would be no surprise to see Yellen jump off the same bridge as Japan and resort to negative interest rates.

Very few politicians and economists in D.C. understand the business cycle and how these bubbles come about. Instead, the Keynesians blame capitalism for these major contractions and use their false narrative to obtain more power and take away more of our economic freedom. Even Alan Greenspan himself, who is basically the architect of this destructive monetary policy, admits his past mistakes and now advocates for a return to the gold standard. What we truly need are free-markets, limited government, and very minimal taxes if any at all. The only true way to cure our economy’s sickness is by sound money and free-trade. We need to allow for the bust to occur without government intervention, instead of continuing to sweep this problem under the rug. The bust of the business cycle is necessary for the economy fully recover. Market forces naturally correct themselves in the form of recessions to get rid of the imbalances created by government, which almost always has to do with cheap credit expansion coming from the central bank. Instead of reacting with the same failed policies, we should solve this problem correctly this time before things get even worse. Slash spending across the board, balance the budget, abolish the unconstitutional bureaucracies, pay down our debts, roll back the burdensome regulations, let interest rates rise to a market level, adopt a simple flat tax or consumption tax, abolish the tax on capital gains, corporations,  payrolls and estate, return to a sound gold standard, and let the free-market work its magic. Yes, the banks, auto industry, and other sectors will fail and people will be hurting for a bit, but the recovery will complete itself in no longer than a year or two. America will then be back on the high road toward true prosperity. Just refer yourself to President Harding’s response to the recession of 1920, as well as the actions taken by President Truman after World War II, and even President Reagan’s recovery. They all took a similar approach to one I have laid out. Freer-markets and Adam Smith’s invisible hand will always work better than relying on the greedy hands of central planners who think they know what’s best for everybody. Just ask Ireland and Hong Kong.

By Anthony Licata

214 Down, Many More to Go: The Unjustified Criminal Justice System

As of Wednesday, August 3rd, President Obama has commuted the sentences of 214 federal inmates. At first glance, this number may seem like quite a few, especially accounting the other 348 sentences Obama has commuted during his time as the POTUS. However, with the rising rate of federal prisoners in this country, reaching around 800% since 1980, these 562 commutations are nothing but miniscule steps towards an immense amount of issues that privatized and federal prisons have caused.

The federal prisoners who, now, have a chance to see their families sooner, are all significant to the goal of achieving clemency easier in the United States. In addition, the 67 individuals, who were previously serving life sentences, do not need to fear the idea of never leaving prison. It may seem as if these inmates shouldn’t receive commutations if they had life sentences, for their offenses must have been worthy of such a penalty. However, all 214 of these inmates were charged for non-violent drug offenses. These charges make up 90% of the federal prison population. A direct cause of this percentage is the “War on Drugs”, for it has caused the police force’s priorities to become distorted in such sense that nonviolent drug offenses are now more important than drunk driving offenses.

In fact, most of these non-violent drug offenses are young African Americans who are given an aggrandized criminal record that could hinder their rehabilitation or growth outside of prison. Thus, creating a cycle of imprisonment and an abundance of forced stereotypes among them. Not only do the flaws of the criminal justice system affect those who are imprisoned, but it spreads to American society like a disease. One of the main contributors to the issue-at-hand is the “War on Drugs” and its polarization towards African Americans. As the Sentencing Project has concluded; African Americans nearly serve the same amount of time in prison for a nonviolent drug offense than a caucasian does for a violent offense. How can African Americans represent only 12% of drug users in the United States, yet account for 38% of those charged for drug offenses if the system isn’t biased?
It’s obvious that Obama sees this issue and that there is plenty of talk about reforms to federal prisons and the criminal justice system. However, these issues need to be brought out to the public directly in order for them to actually happen. This can especially be an interesting topic in the upcoming national debates for the presidential election later this year. Hopefully Gary Johnson can make his way to the debate stage to discuss issues like these that cause even more corruption in the federal level and American society as a whole.

By Shane Rickner

The Peril of American Empire

It’s 2016, and our liberties are threatened more than ever. We’ve seen more sporadic terrorist attacks in the last seven months than in any given year, the Middle East is in a geopolitical mess, and we haven’t been closer to nuclear conflict since the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, these issues of 2016 have not come out of nowhere. They are the result of American attempts of foreign intervention throughout our time as a world superpower. These can include but are not limited to: The attempts at regime change in Syria and Libya, the wars in Iraq, the arming of the mujahideen in Afghanistan, or even the CIA overthrow of the democratically-elected Iranian government in 1953.

Many try to blame the current mess on the Sykes-Picot agreement, which is the British-French agreement that arbitrarily drew borders for the Middle East while claiming to be a self-determination project. However Sykes-Picot has not been the problem, at least not nearly as much as American intervention has been. Many historians, academics, and political figures try to pin the Middle East’s problems on how Sykes-Picot tried to group different peoples together, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sykes-Picot is just one more example of the divide and conquer strategy that the United States (as the new Western power) has been using in the Middle East in its interventions for decades. The problems in these countries have been caused by the disunification of these nations due to American intervention.

Furthermore, these interventions breed the rise of radical movements like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and have resulted in blowback to our liberties. One such example, divide and conquer in Iraq, is how a CIA-backed Saddam Hussein overthrew the Iraqi government conveniently when the government was in the final stages of a full political and military unification with Syria, and then decades later the US directly overthrew Saddam Hussein. The American-forced disbandonment of the Iraqi Baath party created large ethno-sectarian divisions in Iraq resulting in the rise of ISIS.

Our interventionist foreign policy has resulted in our congressmen and congresswomen on both sides of the aisle attempting to take away our 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendment rights due to ISIS inspiring attacks, without even considering how our foreign policy might be a problem. They haven’t considered the human toll, or how our actions of interventions and the actions of our allies have contributed to the increased destabilization of the world.

As a result, the next stage we are entering into is a political one of nationalistic movements, highlighted by Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. In some ways, this will be better than the alternative of a continuation of our disastrous policies. The world as a whole will probably suffer less at least in the short-term, however this has also lead to risks in divisions in American and other Western societies, and we may now face internal instability and disunity; a result of America inflicting it onto the rest of the world.

By Michael Beshara