The Racist History of Minimum Wage

Minimum wage laws were first intended to prevent poor African Americans from working. Minimum wage laws were favored by elite progressives that believed African Americans were destroying the Anglo-Saxan society. Most progressives refuse to admit this, but the history is crystal clear. The first federal minimum wage law, the Davis Bacon Act of 1931, was proposed specifically to target blacks. William Green, the president of the American Federation of Labor, testified in support of the bill saying, “colored labor is being brought in to demoralize wage rates.”  Robert L. Bacon, who introduced the bill, argued in favor of his bill on racist grounds. He wanted to prevent African Americans from taking jobs from whites. Not only were most proponents of the minimum wage racist, but the minimum wage has had a racist outcome. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, two African American economist, have argued this masterfully. I will explain what Sowell said below, but I can’t do the video justice.

Black youth unemployment increased significantly throughout the 1960s and the the 1950s, while the middle class and the economy grew. During the recession year of 1949, black youth unemployment was lower than it was during the so called “golden age”. While the economy improved, increases in the minimum wage negatively effected the most vulnerable members of society. Employment for low skilled African Americans was decimated. The minimum wage, as intended, is one of the most racist laws in the United States of America.

America: A Shell of Itself

We are all taught in school that after the Civil War, slavery was banned in the United States. The 13th amendment actually says, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States”. Slavery is alive and flourishing in the United States, as one in three black men will spend some time in prison during their life. The secret police of North Korea and the USSR look kind when compared to USA’s Prison Industrial Complex. Corporations and private prisons make billions from essentially prison slave labor. All the while, prisoners make pennies on the dollar because they do not operate in a free market. Corporations and private prisons demonstrate Crony Capitalism at its worst. These companies kickback their profits to corrupt congressmen to lobby for more prisoners. Congress and the Prison Industrial Complex are benefiting from the erosion of human liberty. No company should profit from jailing men in prison. Governments should not allow companies to profit in businesses that would not occur in a free market.

The Most Disturbed Man In Politics

Since the day Tom Cotton stepped into the Senate, he has pushed for war wherever possible. He has been described as, “the man that probably gets a boner when he hears Dick Cheney speaks”. He has demanded escalated military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Additionally, he wants to expand the drone program that has killed nearly 10 times more innocent civilians than terrorists. Cotton believes that, “bombing makes us safer“, even while our drone program has a horrific record. Frighteningly, senator Cotton has been described as “like a serial killer“. He claims “we should be proud of the way we’ve treated these savages at Guantanamo Bay”. Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are routinely tortured and sleep deprived. Not to mention, prisoners are frequently force-feed and are kept in solitary confinement without due process of law. No sane person, “would be proud” of the way we have treated prisoners. We will see many more deranged statements from Tom Cotton, as he is the youngest senator in the United States. Hopefully the public will reject his desire for war and adopts a policy of peace.




Why Trump Can Win

Trump’s ability to control what the media covers, is one of the biggest advantages a candidate could possibly have. He can constantly put Hillary on the defensive because the media covers almost every single word he speaks. Trump proved in the primaries that bravado and personality trump policy positions. “Little” Marco and “low energy” Jeb Bush were no match for Trump. Voters will not think of Clinton as a public servant, but as “crooked” Hillary. Clinton’s unlikable nature will make it impossible to shed her scandals and Trump will have three nation debates to drive the point home. Trump clearly starts from behind, but his polling numbers have steadily improved throughout the primary. Hillary’s support among the general electorate, has steadily decreased during her campaign. Voters dislike Hillary once they get to know her because she is a terrible politician. Most importantly, Trump has proved something this election cycle: campaign infrastructure, establishment support, and money from the elite are overrated. If these things could win a campaign, Jeb Bush would be the next president. Citizens do not vote based off of policy proposals, instead people vote from gut instinct. Likability, leadership, and passion have more influence election outcomes. Voters hate Hillary, so they will vote Trump.

The Media Lies On Gun Violence

Public outrage over gun violence has propelled the issue into the media spotlight. Pundits throughout the entire political spectrum are still missing the point. Mass shootings only make up a tiny percentage of homicides, but receive a disproportionate amount of media coverage. As a society, we are simply ignoring the bulk of gun homicides. The vast majority of homicide victims, are poor black males, in the inner city. As Jamelle Bouie said, “In general, when we talk about gun homicide in the United States, we are largely talking about violence between poor black males”. Enacting gun control legislation or increasing background checks will not effectively reduce the amount of homicides. Illegally purchased, or stolen guns, account for almost all homicides. Federal data shows that only about 11% of criminals attained a firearm at a “retail store, pawn shop, flea market or a gun show.” Gun control is not the answer, rather we need to get to the root of the problem. The inner city has been forgotten by the politicians and the media. We need to improve failing schools, promote economic activity, and end the mass incarceration of African Americans. It is a national disgrace that one in three black men will spend some time in prison, but the media only sparingly covers this epidemic. Arresting African Americans at an alarming rate only creates more obstacles for our society. Once we improve inner cities, gun violence will fall.





We Need More Immigrants

Most Americans want immigrants to gain citizenship legally, but that is impossible for most immigrants. It is possible to come here legally if you are: a high skill immigrant, have family members in the United States or are a refugee. Our immigration system leaves out a legal pathway for most people in the world. Low skill immigrants, that do not have family in the USA, do have the opportunity to apply for a diversity visa lottery. Last year only about 50,000 people won visas through the diversity lottery, but over 10 million people applied. Winning the immigration lottery is literally the only legal way most people in the world can come to United States legally. Arbitrary government restrictions on immigration artificially keep the number of immigrants down. Immigrants are more likely to start small business and are less likely to commit crimes than average Americans. We need to rework our failed immigration policy that hinders our economy. Allowing more people in the United States will improve our economy and will reduce poverty around the world.

We Need Less Immigrants

A Libertarian society, with a strong belief in private property rights, would have open immigration. This society would not necessarily have a larger number of immigrants and this is a crucial distinction. Anyone would be allowed to immigrate anywhere, but conversely property owners would have to grant access to their property. Property owners could prevent immigrants from coming onto their land and that would decide the level of immigration. We do not live in an Anarcho-capitalist world and our government currently subsidizes the level of immigration. Undocumented immigrants frequently have free access to public roads, schools, and emergency rooms. As Lew Rockwell said, “these migrations in short are not market outcomes”. Additionally, welfare use is higher among immigrant households than non immigrant households. This can make some immigrants a drain on taxpayers.

Trump’s Foreign Policy (Pro)

Trump has relentlessly taken on the Neocon establishment throughout his campaign. He rightly calls our current foreign policy a disaster and is unafraid to blame those at fault. Trump has slammed Hillary for supporting Iraq because that war has completely destabilized the Middle East. In a national debate, Trump forcefully attacked Bush for lying us into war. Pundits widely proclaimed that Trump ruined his chances in South Carolina by taking a stand against the Bush foreign policy. Additionally, Trump has questioned US involvement in NATO and has suggested removing troops from Germany, Japan, and South Korea. In 1999 he even took some issue with Bill Clinton’s bombing campaign in Kosovo. Someone that is not sold on Trump’s foreign policy should take notice of the Neocons hate for Trump. Max Boot even said “I would sooner vote for Stalin than I would vote for Trump. In my book, having the war hawks scared should count for something.

Trump’s Foreign Policy (Con)

Trump sometimes speaks out against the United States military empire, but his unpredictable nature makes his potential presidency dangerous. Trump lacks a clear philosophy and is an intellectual lightweight. He does not spend time reading anti war scholars or renowned Paleoconservatives. His statements on foreign policy brings back memories of Obama’s 2008 run of president. They both seemed somewhat anti war, but reading between the lines reveals a scarier narrative. Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has bombed almost twice as many counties as Bush and he escalated a drone program with a horrendous record. The public could have predicted Obama’s hawkish actions by paying attention to his view on Afghanistan in 2008. He always wanted the United States to be more involved in Afghanistan, but after 14 years the Taliban is stronger today than when the war started. Sadly, Trump could end up being another Obama. Trump wants a larger military budget and he wants to bomb the innocent family members of terrorist. Before the attack in Paris he wanted Putin to defeat ISIS, but now Trump wants the USA to defeat ISIS and take their oil. As Scott Horton said, “I dont know exactly how he imagines to just leave with the oil because that sounds more like staying forever to me”. While Trump may sound anti war sometimes, his unpredictable and rash nature could keep our military involved throughout the Middle East.

Universal Basic Income (Pro)

Switzerland recently overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative for a universal basic income. A basic income would have provided all adults in Switzerland with 2500 Swiss Francs per month regardless of income. Some, in the United States, are suggesting a similar program to overhaul all welfare programs. A universal income actually has significant intellectual roots among Libertarians. Milton Friedman proposed a negative income tax, but that would have applied only to Americans under a certain income level. A basic universal income would be an entitlement program for Americans of all economic classes and would be intended to replace all other anti poverty programs. Currently the United States spends about one trillion dollars on anti poverty programs at the federal and state level. Transforming the War on Poverty into one universal income would help slash the gigantic bureaucracy. Additionally, altering the War on Poverty could end the “welfare trap”. Frequently welfare programs can discourage people from working. A loss in benefits occurred by working may exceed the new income from their employer.

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